Congress Theme: 

Environmental Health -

a South Pacific Perspective

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The Organising Committee are pleased to announce and warmly invite you to attend the 15th IFEH World Congress on Environmental Health, to be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 18th to 23rd March 2018.

This congress will provide a platform for Environmental Health practitioners and industries to share knowledge of the most recent techniques, developments, innovations and the latest updates in Environmental Health.  Emerging environmental health risks will be explored with a view to mitigating adverse health or economic consequences through best practice. 

 Objectives of the Congress

  • Sharing knowledge and best practices of environmental health risk identification, assessment, management and services delivery globally 
  • Raising the profile of environmental health around the world and most importantly in the developing countries   
  • Enhancing inter-country collaboration in environmental health practice   
  • Identifying gaps and the training needs of environmental health   
  • Promote the environmental health needs of children, women and the underprivileged people around the world
  • Promote environmental health research

Congress Topic Themes

  • changes and challenges in Environmental Health
  • civil defence and emergency response
  • food safety, science and innovation
  • built environment - housing, noise
  • environmental pollution, protection and remediation (air, land and water)
  • methamphetamine and other drugs
  • NZ issues
  • pest control
  • water quality – drinking and recreational
  • health, safety and wellbeing (occupational and community)
  • EH statutory framework - Policy, Standards and Legislation
  • epidemiology to improve public health


This conference targets a worldwide audience from various groups of specialists, practitioners, managers, students, industry representatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders directly and indirectly involved with environmental health science, practice and research.